To build an environment where doing the right thing on a daily basis is rewarded. A place where we help each other as a group become better, stronger, more educated and more tolerant people by training with professional systems and support.

Members Spotlight

What Our Members Say

Susannah Frieze

Fantastic programming which never palls and always pushes, coupled with great coaches and an awesome community, makes Perpetua not just a great gym but an important piece of my life. All the coaches have that otherwise rare ability to motivate without alienating ..

Melissa Wells

Proud to be trained here by some of the best strength and conditioning coaches out there. Form and technique always comes above how many plates you can put on, everyone talks to everyone, all the coaches are top notch and there are genuinely no egos in the room ..

Timothy Michael Blevins

I don’t think there is even a question that this is the best gym in the U.K. You don’t even have to be into training to get value, go in, have a cup of coffee, and sit down for a chat with anyone of the coaches about anything and you will see why this place is so renown around the world.

Laura Southam

Done my crossfit level 1 course here at the weekend, great gym and equipment. The 4 guys coaching our course were amazing and made it fun, crossfit is the best!

Kelly Reed

Awesome community of people who make u feel welcome no matter what level your at! The coaches are encouraging and always there to help and push you that extra bit!

Isidro Alba

Great box. Thanks for welcoming me the way you did. Thanks to Rusty Clark for pushing me today! Highly recommend this box for out of town visitors.